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Spotlight on Commercial Real Estate in Denver: ReCreative Denver

January 18, 2017

Our team at The Sherman Agency is proud to be a part of the Denver community. Even though we spend a great deal of time talking about, working with, and researching commercial real estate in Denver, we also like to take the time to give back to our community. This week, we would like to feature a local non-profit, ReCreative Denver, which is set to make a huge impact in our city.
What does ReCreative Denver do?
ReCreative Denver was modeled after a similar project in Seattle known as Seattle ReCreative. This non-profit organization collects art and craft supplies from the community that would have otherwise been tossed into a landfill and works to redistribute them to other members of the community. Community members are invited to visit the store to shop for recycled art materials or create their own art in one of the community workspaces.
The proceeds from sales made at ReCreative Denver are used to pay in a number of ways. First, ReCreative Denver hires talented artists in the community who are willing to teach workshops and other educational courses within the ReCreative Denver space. Proceeds are also used to maintain the ReCreative Denver facilities so the organization can continue to provide local schools and other members of the community with access to low-cost arts and crafts supplies.
Why is ReCreative Denver so important?
ReCreative Denver is an environmentally friendly organization that makes it easy for people in the community to recycle their supplies instead of throwing them away in a landfill. But besides this, ReCreative Denver also plays an important role in keeping art alive in the community. Art is a beautiful form of self-expression, and this organization gives people in Denver the opportunity to learn more about it and get involved with it.
How can you get involved?
If you have any arts and crafts supplies you no longer use, we advise that you donate them to ReCreative Denver. They are currently accepting donations for usable art, craft, and school supplies during their normal store hours. If you don’t have anything to donate but still want to get involved, why not volunteer your time? The organization is currently looking for volunteers to help them organize community events and organize the many donations they receive on a daily basis. ReCreative Denver is a non-profit, so of course you always have the option of giving a financial donation if you do not have supplies to donate or time to commit to the organization. Find out how you can provide financial support to ReCreative Denver.
People who have an artistic talent are encouraged to apply for a teaching position with ReCreative Denver to provide art education to interested members of the community. If you are approved as a teacher, you may be compensated for your time and expertise.
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