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Commercial Real Estate in Denver Spotlight: Bonanno Concepts

January 4, 2017

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on a local favorite, Bonanno Concepts, which is the brand behind a number of different restaurants, including four located at 7th Avenue and Grant Street. At The Sherman Agency, we manage a lot of commercial real estate in Denver, but this one holds a special place in our hearts as we’ve often ended up at one of the Bonanno Concept restaurants for our annual staff holiday party.

7th and Grant - Bonnano Concepts
In fact, our team just celebrated the 2016 holiday season at a Bonanno Concepts’ restaurant, Russell’s Smokehouse, on December 9th.  From the intimate detail and special attention of the event coordinator and serving staff at Russell’s, to the melt in your mouth deliciousness of the baby back ribs and smokehouse chicken paired with homemade baked beans and jalapeno cornbread, the party left smiles on the faces of staff and guests alike.  We would recommend any of the Bonanno Concepts’ if you are looking to host a party or just go out for a bite to eat or grab a drink with friends or family.
The Sherman Agency Holiday Dinner at Russell's Steakhouse
Frank Bonanno, the man behind the brand, has a reputation of allowing chefs to explore different ingredients, use their creativity to its fullest, and think outside the box. Mizuna, Luca, Bones, and Vesper Lounge are the four Bonanno Concepts restaurants located in the building at the northwest intersection of 7th Avenue and Grant Street and each Concept is only a facet of a chef driven family dedicated to satisfying meals, outstanding service, education, and community.
Mizuna has been in business for well over a decade, which is not a surprise given its dedication to fresh, simple ingredients and attentive customer service. Even though its menu may seem simple, it's food is unique and artistic. In fact, this restaurant was even named one of the best in the nation by Zagat. The best part? Customers will never get tired of coming to Mizuna because the menu changes on a monthly basis.
Luca is one of the Bonanno Concepts’ Italian restaurants, and features a menu of house-made salumi, fresh cheeses, and warm, mouthwatering breads and pasta dishes. The chef draws inspiration from the Piedmont, Sicilian, and Tuscan regions of Italy, and with one bite of this incredibly flavorful food, you’ll be transported to the Italian countryside.
Denver locals who are in the mood for Asian inspired cuisine can head to Bones. This isn’t an average Asian restaurant—the chef puts a French twist on Asian cuisine to create a menu full of unique dishes such as steamed suckling pig and lobster ramen. You may think this restaurant isn’t kid-friendly, but one look at the dessert menu will tell you different. Kids go crazy over the soft-serve ice cream, which comes in a variety of flavors, including one inspired by Lucky Charms cereal.
One of the newest additions to the Bonanno Concepts portfolio is Vesper Lounge, which opened in 2012. This restaurant has much more of a bar atmosphere than others, and even has ten beers and seven cocktails served on tap. But, don’t expect traditional bar foods at a Bonanno Concepts restaurant. The menu features items such as gyros and curried fries, but there are classic bar staples such as burgers as well.
With such a diverse assortment of restaurants, Bonanno Concepts has certainly made its mark on the Denver community.  Check out ALL the Bonanno Concepts HERE!  We personally love the Bonanno Concepts restaurants—and know just how much everyone else in Denver does, too!

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