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Commercial Real Estate in Denver Update: Walters303 Pizzeria and Publik House

December 21, 2016

One of the best parts about being involved in commercial real estate in Denver is the opportunity to meet and learn about new local businesses. At The Sherman Agency, we love hearing about our tenants growing and expanding their businesses in the community. One business that has recently made some exciting changes is Walters303 Pizzeria and Publik House.

Walter’s Pizzeria was founded in 2010 by Mike Kienast, who opened the pizzeria in the uptown area of downtown Denver. Mike worked in a local pizzeria while he was in high school, and then in a variety of different restaurants while working his way through college. He eventually met his future business partner during his time in the restaurant industry, and spent years learning the business from the inside out so he could one day make his dreams a reality.

Who is Walter?

Customers often ask Mike where the name “Walter’s” came from, thinking it may have been inspired by a family member or friend. But, the truth is when Mike was thinking of a name for his business, his wife suggested Walter’s because she thought that was her husband’s middle name. Her husband corrected her, informing her his middle name was actually Wayne, but it was too late—the name stuck and Walter’s Pizzeria was born.

These days, Walter’s Pizzeria goes by a different name. This local hotspot recently changed their name to Walters303 Pizzeria and Publik House. Walters303 has three locations, in Denver, Littleton, and Colorado Springs, that will all be making the name change. Why the sudden name change? As Mike prepared to open his third pizzeria location, he attempted to trademark the name Walter’s, but quickly realized it was not available. Because he did not want to lose the name his customers already knew him by, he decided to add to it with the Denver area code and the addition of “Publik House.” See what’s on tap at the Publik House.

Growing the Business

Walters303 Pizzeria and Publik House’s Bow Mar location, ocated at 5180 S. Lowell Blvd in Littleton, Colorado is one of the many properties managed by The Sherman Agency, so we are quite familiar with their delicious pizzas. This location is not only going through a name change, but a major renovation as well. The owners are planning on expanding the bar area and renovating the interior of this location. The changes are well underway already, and are expected to be complete by the end of the year just in time to ring in 2017 in their newly expanded bar. We can’t wait to see how Walters303 will look in the New Year—and many customers are excited to see the finished project as well.

Although Walters303 is undergoing changes right now, customers can rest assured knowing the tasty pizzas will remain the same.Make sure you stop in and check them out!

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Images courtesy of Walters303 and Publik House Facebook page