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Why You Need a Professional Property Manager in Denver

Managing just one property can be a time consuming job when you have property issues, and managing a handful can be a full-time job. The idea of property management seems very simple, but we all know that things seldom go as planned, and people don't always do what we expect – and want – them to do. It seems as simple as collecting rent, calling a plumber when a faucet leaks, and resigning a lease every year. Let us fill you in on some of the major reasons to hire a professional property manager.

As professional property managers, we have the time, resources, processes, experience, relationships, and expertise to make difficult issues seem simple. We will save you time, money, and stress. We can also lower your overall risk by insuring compliance with complicated Colorado landlord-tenant laws, and by acting as a buffer between you and your tenants.

We have deeper resources, have leverage with professional contractors, and in some cases have our own contractors. All of this adds up for you in lower costs and faster and better services. For example, if you call a plumber, you will likely be placed on a waitlist for service. The contractor(s) we call will likely respond the same day. This means the repair cost will be lower too, due to the repair being taken care of so quickly, instead of that water leak doing more damage, for instance, the longer it sits.  

As an experienced property management company, we have time-tested, professional processes in place for management that most owners do not. Late fees, eviction proceedings, and rent collection processes are set up in a consistent, expert manner for every tenant. Although we do allow for some flexibility under certain circumstances, our core processes are in place and have proved effective for over 50 years.

Other things we can do to make life easier for you:
  • Manage advertising and marketing, take all rental calls, and show the property
  • Manage tenant screenings and background checks to insure a proper tenant selection process
  • Manage repairs, maintenance, and turnover work performed in between tenants
  • Execute required documents such as escrow forms, lease agreement, move-in / move-out inspection reports, and security deposit money
  • Manage tenant communication at all hours of the day and night
  • Serve legal notices or start any necessary eviction processing
  • Manage detailed accounting records and provide reports for filing taxes
For more information about why it might be a good idea to hire a property manager, see our post, Denver Property Management Can Help Landlords.  

We believe that our tenants and residents deserve a good home and/or a good place to conduct business, and we make every effort to make sure that goal is achieved. We pride ourselves on our Service Guarantee, which states that requests from residents or tenants will be responded to within four hours, and any request will be resolved within twenty-four hours. Call us for more information about our property management services: 303-572-8778.