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Help Customers Find Your New Business with Denver Property Management Companies Marketing Tips

Expanding your business to a new area is an exciting time. You are making the next step to grow your business and provide the best customer experience possible. However, upon moving, you must let your customers know where you have moved. Not only will this ensure your current customer base follows you, but will help you attract new customers as well! Review some of these go-to marketing tips from Denver property management companies to get started. While every business is different, these tips cover all mediums for you to find the best ones that match your advertising needs.
  • Online: Online advertising is one of the top ways to make sure your move is noticed. Your website is the top way to ensure customers know you have moved. After making sure address information has been updated on your website and any social media channels, provide a banner on your main page of the website highlighting the move. Make sure you have a social media marketing campaign that shares many posts about the move. Include pictures and proper hashtags to help extend your reach and draw people in. Next, consider Google and social media advertising. You are able to target audiences both in your old and new markets that will help current and potential customers about the move. Next, having a blog is beneficial for your business - you can write an article featuring the new location. This will allow you to elaborate more on the new features and benefits customers can take advantage of in the new space. Don’t forget to include lots of pictures!
  • Print: Print advertising is a common way to spread news. While not as popular as web, it is still very popular in many areas. You can contact local newspapers and magazines to get quotes on small advertisements. Also, consider reaching out to them too to see if they are interested in featuring your store in their publication. Newspapers and magazines are always looking for content, so this may be a great way to have your business featured. Plus, now that print publications usually have a website, it may be shown on both platforms to extend your reach.
  • Television and Radio: By advertising your move on local television and radio stations, you can target your local area to inform them about the move. Think of a creative and out-of-the-box idea to make sure you stand out among other advertisements. Also, make sure it is quality. A lower quality commercial is not attractive to viewers. Cover the basics quickly by stating the name of your company and what your new address is. Also, make sure your commercial is quality. When you use a confident face or a strong voice, it will help your business look more professional. For television, be sure to feature the new location and shots of people enjoying the new store.

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