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Ideas to Spruce Up Your Apartment for Fall from Your Denver Real Estate Expert

September 21, 2016

Fall is a wonderful time to prepare your apartment for fall! With the soon change in the season; it is the perfect time to make some changes. Once you are finished, you can sip on a delicious cup of hot tea enjoying the scents of fall. Check out these ideas from your local Denver real estate expert for your home!

General Fall Décor

One of the best ways to make your home feel even more like fall is with perfectly themed décor. Pumpkins and autumn leaves are one of the top go-to items tenants use to dress up a space. It does not stop there! If you have mantels and/or banisters, autumn wreaths and fall decorations are the perfect addition. You can make this the staple to your home or one of many areas. If you do not wish to use traditional fall accents, you can always incorporate fall colors. Add vases with fall colored flowers around your home. You can also add red or orange throw pillows or blankets in your living room areas or on your bed.

Dining Areas

Your dining room has plenty of opportunities to get a fall feeling. First, add in a gorgeous centerpiece on your table. A centerpiece consisting of leaves surrounding a candle is a simple idea. You can also add a vase full of autumn flowers to add a beautiful pop of color. Choose red, orange, and yellow Gerber daisies, mums and gourds. A cornucopia is a great idea as well. Pair your centerpieces with fall themed napkins in matching colors. Look at your local home store for napkin rings that have a fall theme. Fall themed table runners are also the perfect accent piece. Any of these items can be found to accommodate any budget.


What’s better than the smell of pumpkin or cinnamon apple pie in the fall? There are a variety of ways you can add great fall scents to your apartment. One of the easiest ways is with candles. Go to your local home goods store and find candles such as cinnamon, apple, spice, pumpkin, leaves and more. Check out 20 Fall Scented Cadles to Make Your Home Smell Wonderful This Season. If you prefer not to light your candles, invest in a candle warmer. Candle warmers are a great flameless way to make a room smell amazing. It utilizes heat to melt a candle or via scented waxes. Another great and inexpensive way to produce fall scents throughout your apartment is through wall plug-ins. These are quality and inexpensive accents that you can spread around your home. Typically depending on the size, you can put two or three in a 1000 square foot area and it will scent the area. Typically you may want to stay consistent with just one scent, but you can go with two if you are using a different scent in a completely different area of the apartment.

If you are looking for a new apartment this fall, The Sherman Agency has a wide selection. Review our list of premier residential availabilities to find the perfect home. Then, once you move in, use these tips to make it ideal for fall. For more information, call us at 303-572-8778.