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Your Denver Real Estate Expert Explains Why 2555 S. Santa Fe Should Be Your Office or Art Gallery’s New Home

September 7, 2016

Are you in the market for a new office space? 2555 S. Santa Fe might be the perfect space for you! Just off of U.S. 85 in Denver at South Santa Fe Drive and West Evans Avenue, this historic building space has many great amenities. Plus its prime location can be one of the best ways to help your business thrive! Learn some of the top features about this hot location from your local Denver real estate expert.
  1. Premier Interior Space: This commercial space has a variety of options to accommodate your business.  With a well laid out 273 square feet, you can arrange the perfect office space or an art studio for you, your employees and your customers. In addition, this real estate space has contemporary finishes that make it completely move-in ready. Also, being in a historic building, you will retain the original charm in this great workspace. When renting 2555 S. Santa Fe, you will be able to take advantage of wooden floors, high ceilings and a welcoming reception area to greet customers and employees. Employees will especially enjoy the newly remodeled kitchen area. By having this space within the building, workers can have the perfect place to take a relaxing break in their day then get back to producing quality work!
  2. Location: As you walk up to 2555 S. Santa Fe, you are greeted with a unique and fun layout of palm trees! The exterior of the building is in great shape. What is great about this location is that it is located in the Enterprise Zone. This means you can qualify for tax credits.  According the Denver City and County website’s “Rewarding Your Growth and Investment,” section the Enterprise Zone allows businesses to get tax credits against state tax liability. They also explain by choosing a space in the Enterprise Zone, you could potentially save on your annual business income taxes. This makes this a top location for businesses looking to save money, start-up and much more.
  3. Renting Details: When choosing 2555 S. Santa Fe as the new home for your office or art studio, you will only be paying $475 per month. All utilities are also paid with this unit. In addition, this unit has 24-hour key access allowing you the ability to access your workspace at any time. This is a great feature to accommodate late hours or if you need to run back to the office and pick something up you forgot! It also includes ample parking space for employees and customers. Need flexible lease terms? It’s covered! Discuss is with your go-to Denver real estate expert.
Do you feel that 2555 S. Santa Fe is the right space for your business? The Sherman Agency can help! Find all details about this spectacular opportunity on the 2555 S. Santa Fe page. When you are ready to take the next step or have any questions about it, we can help! Give us a call at 303-572-8778 or fill out a contact form to get started.