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6 Types of Denver Commercial Real Estate to Choose for Your Business

August 24, 2016

Investing in a new opportunity or moving your Denver commercial real estate location is a long process. A top priority is to ensure you move into a new building that accommodates your business. It is also best to make sure your new location accommodates customers. When it comes to types of locations to move your business to, there are six types of commercial real estate.  
  1. Retail: Retail establishments are premier locations for small restaurants, such a quick service restaurant, or store. These can have multiple tenants in one building, known as a strip center, or can be a larger building all on its own. It is a great investment for small stores for customers to stop in close to their work or home, shop, and be on their way.
  2. Office: Office real estate is the premier option for businesses. So for cubicles, meeting rooms, offices, etc., this is ideal. Also, today freelance and self-employed workers are creating combined workspace collaborative office environments. Office spaces are the perfect location to invest in and for a fee, provide a space for this newer addition to the workforce.
  3. Industrial: For a warehouse environment, a company will need to invest in quality industrial real estate. They provide enough space to store a large amount of products and the organization to ship them out. They also are great for product manufacturing as well.
  4. Multi-Family: Multi-family real estate consists of real estate such as apartments, condominiums or other housing units. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase, have tenants then and have a local property management company assist with managing. In Investopedia’s article “Exploring Real Estate Investments: Types of Real Estate,” they specify this as the most profitable type of real estate. Why? People always need a place to live! There just needs to be an amount saved for repairs and maintenance for current residents.
  5. Hotel: Hotels provide a place for people traveling or working to stay. There are many different types of hotels, from full-service to little service, boutique or at-home-like living. These can also include resorts as well, which have other amenities and activities around the property.
  6. Development: A plot of land, known as development real estate, is a great blank slate for business owners. It can be the most time consuming to work with a developer on determining your business’ needs. Then from there, the time to build the new facility.
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