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Tips for Making Your Business a Pet-Friendly Office from Your Denver Real Estate Expert

August 17, 2016

Studies have shown that allowing pets in the workplace can lead to happier employees. Over time, this has created new initiatives for offices all over the United States to welcome in animals. It has created a new quality of the workday. However, this route is definitely not for every business. At the end of the day, you have a business to run. If you think allowing animals in your office may be a great addition to your workplace, here are some tips from your local Denver real estate expert to help you learn if this is the best decision.

The Benefits of Pet-Friendly Workplaces
One of the top benefits of a pet-friendly workplace is the reduced stress level. Employers that have adopted this practice have reported several gains for their business. A few that Fast Company discusses in their article “
Your Definitive Argument for a Pet Friendly Office” include a better bottom line, employee morale, productivity and increase in customers. It can also be a great team-building implementation for coworkers. The animals have been reported to bring people together and create a better balance. Also, the short breaks throughout the day required to care for the animals can increase employee creativeness and initiative. It forces employees to take mental breaks so they come back to projects refreshed and energized.  

What to Consider First
When you bring pets into the workplace, the priority is to get work done. However, the animals will need taken care of. Employees will need to make sure they are fed, have water and are taken out or have litter box options. If you consider a workplace that allows employees to bring in their pets from home, they may or may not get along with the other animals. You will need plans to avoid or keep this to a minimum and how to separate if needed. When it comes to behavior, you may need go-to ground rules and policies to make sure you continue to maintain a safe and clean working environment for your employees, customers and other animals. Last, consider allergies. Many people are allergic so you need to review this with everyone on your staff. You will also need to check with others that are in your office frequently, including customers if they frequent your office.

Think About the Legalities
If a pet-friendly workplace is a great move for your office, speak with your legal team prior to implementing the new policy. According to Inc.’s article “But Is It Legal? Dogs in the Office,” they remind business owners they are responsible for anyone hurt because of an animal. Also, in regards to employees with allergies the Disabilities Act of 1990 must be considered. The article explains employers must make proper accommodations for those with allergies.

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