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3 Moving Tips for Relocating to New Denver Commercial Real Estate

August 10, 2016

There is much to consider when moving to a new Denver commercial real estate location. From organizing and cleaning to ensuring furniture makes it safely, it is best to be prepared to maintain the quality of your items. This will make your move simple, safe and exciting!
  1. Spring Cleaning: Moving is a great time for “spring cleaning” for physical and electronic items! When it comes to any type of paperwork, work with employees to purge old items that are not needed. If financial records are needed for previous years, be sure to save those. For projects and other files and paperwork, a go-to rule of thumb is a “two year rule.” If a file or piece of paper is over two years old and is not currently used, throw it out! This will help you de-clutter and make room in the new building. Next, when it comes to furniture that will be going in the move, take time to wipe everything down. This is often not taken care and will help maintain a clean environment in the new location. You can invest in antibacterial wipes to make it a quick and simple process for employees. Or, if in your budget, you can hire a cleaning crew to make sure everything is in shape.
  2. Proper Packing: When packing boxes for your company’s move, make sure all boxes are clearly labeled. This will help you or your movers on where they need to go in the new building. An easy way to do this is mark them clearly on the box, or to number them all and have a separate sheet with further details on the boxes contents. When it comes to packing cords and cables, it can be tricky to make sure they do not get tangled. You can have everyone at each workstation compile all of their cords and place them in bags. Another top option is to group cords together using zip ties or other similar method.
  3. Things to Remember when Changing Your Address: It may feel like all the work to change your address is just has busy at the physical move. There is a lot to consider but it does not have to be stressful! A month or more before your move, begin to gather a list of all the locations that will need your updated address. In Search Engine Watch’s article “9 Things You Must Update when Moving Your Business Location,” they advise to ensure your address is updated on any outlet online that may have it. This includes Google, Yelp, Bing, social media and more. Next, make sure any place you have bills, automatic bills (and the government) with receive the new address information. Last, be sure to inform your customers! Find all internal and external documents that have address information and make sure team updates it. Once updated, get the word out to customers. Plus, a move is a great reason to have an incentive for customers to see the new location! Consider a special coupon or sale for the move.
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