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Key Layout Features for Your Showroom from Your Denver Real Estate Expert

August 3, 2016

The your business’ showroom is a great space that provides the opportunity to showcase and sell the quality products you sell. From furniture to jewelry, there are a few key features you’ll want to make sure your showroom has, so that your customers can navigate well and find what they are looking for—and then a few things that they weren’t! Ready to upgrade? Keep these key features in mind as you work with your local Denver real estate expert and look for them in a new location.
  1. Ease of Shopping: The most important aspect of a showroom is the need for customers to comfortably shop and browse. When aisles or spaces become crowded, it makes it easier for your customer to leave. In addition to layout, ensure your showroom is easy to navigate. If there are aisles, make sure there is signage openly displayed so customers know what items are down each aisle. If you have an open concept layout that you may find at many beauty or jewelry stores or sections, provide consistency to the layout. While different than aisles, it is best to keep product groups together for easy access. Whether it is a group of products that are the same time, or products that are similar and need to be sold together, it will greatly benefit your customer if they can quickly find everything they need in the one location.
  2. Angle Aisles and Include Breaks: A top and successful layout option for showrooms are angled aisles. In Entrepreneur’s article “7 Layout Secrets of Big Retail Chains,” they explain forming aisles that are slightly slanted creates more visual interest to shoppers. If able to use this method in your space, Entrepreneur explains this layout is effect to form an arrow layout that ends in a back-wall display. This will help direct customers to all areas of your showroom. They also mention to include breaks within aisles. This opens up opportunities for the shopper and they don’t lose interest walking down long aisles. Including some type of break helps them easily move to another section. When using a broken aisle method, be sure to keep up the aisle-type signage.
  3. Fast Checkout: When customers are ready to buy, it creates a bad experience when lines become difficult to form and confusion ensues. Make sure checkout counters are easy to find and include plenty of space. When there is order and people can form lines, it allows for a smooth process. Consider the use of stanchions to help customers know where to stand and wait. This is a temporary option that you can remove during off-peak hours and allow more freedom to roam. You can also create order by adding in merchandising stations. This is a top way to help encourage impulse buys if it is applicable to your store. You can showcase premium items and quick cart adds that they will look at while they wait!
There are so many aspects of a great showroom! When ready to move into a bigger or better space, The Sherman Agency is your go-to property management company for commercial real estate in Denver. We have a variety of commercial availabilities to accommodate your business.  Give us a call at 303-572-8778 to get started!