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Establishing a Great Relationship with Denver Property Management Companies and Neighbors for Your Commercial Move

July 27, 2016

Moving your business from a small operation into a retail space is an exciting time. It allows you to grow your local business to be the best you can be for your customers. As you move on to this chapter of your business, if it is your first time leasing commercial space, there are considerations to keep in mind to establish a great working relationship with Denver property management companies.
  1. Read All Documents and Ask Questions: Upon signing a lease for a commercial space, it is important to understand every aspect of the agreement. You will most likely be in your space for at least a few years, so as you enter into the lease, it is important to understand every element of the lease. If there are aspects you do not understand, ask! Work with the property management company to ensure every bullet point makes sense to you. There may be areas you would like to confirm you can make changes to, which is something you should share with your landlord.
  2. Be on Time: As a new tenant, it is important to be on time with every aspect of your agreement. From your deposit to monthly payments, it is important to ensure those are paid in full on the deadlines given. It can be easy to be a few days behind—but just remember how this would work for your own business.
  3. Honesty is the Best Policy: Your property landlord is your go-to and as you hit things you need or may run into trouble, have those conversations! Work with your landlord and be honest on issues. You will make the leased space into the premier home for your business and you will be able to keep it that way for years to come. Whether you need to make an aesthetic change or have questions about the space, have an open and honest conversation with your property manager to best work out the situation for you both.
  4. Meet Your Neighbors: In my retail lease spaces, you will have direct neighbors or neighbors that are close by. One of the top things you can do is work with the other businesses around you. You are all in the experience together and since the odds are high you may be next to each other for a long time, it is important to work together. As you move in, make some time to meet with their teams and work on having a close good relationship with them. This will allow both of your businesses to thrive in your retail community!
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