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Searching for Commercial Real Estate in Denver? Benefits of Various Types of Retail Space

July 22, 2016

As you consider searching for a new location for your commercial real estate in Denver, choosing the right location is crucial. Moving to the perfect area will help your business be more profitable and can help your local business grow. Below are tips as you look for the next home for your business for both you and your customers!
  • Shopping Center Advantages: Moving your business into a shopping center, or also known as a “strip center,” you will showcase your business in places your potential customers could be going. It is similar to product placement and they may not even realize they needed you until they see you! Placing yourself in places people area already going will make it easier for them to walk past or in your doors to learn more information about your business. It is especially great when nearby other popular retail stores helps your business share the established look that they might not realize if your business was tucked away. People enjoy convenience and this is a great advantage for your next location purchase.
  • City and Downtown Store Fronts: If your business particularly targets the millennial generations, young families and more, a storefront in a top downtown area or other urban location, can really draw in more business. The younger generations are flocking to an urban lifestyle and love areas that are walkable and provide a variety of convenient options. Placing yourself in an urban area will help these potential customers find you and become loyal customers. The younger generations are very dedicated and are interested in genuine businesses and services that not only help them but also help the community. Place your business in the various neighborhoods and communities to build loyalty and establish yourself in the community.
  • Moving Benefits: Perhaps you weren’t even thinking about moving your business. Did you realize that you can increase your market base by choosing a better location? Or even that you can save money in certain moves? According to the Huffington Post article “5 Reasons You Should Consider Relocating Your Business,” moving your business closer to your target audience will make you more profitable to offset some of your other costs. Your business may also be ready to grow and it is time. Consider a retail space that your company can grow into to be a great place for employees and customers—because size does matter. Customers need to be able to park and navigate in your space easily. An inconvenient situation that reduces the quality of service and experience will drive your customers away.
If it is time to move your business, or you are ready to look into the possibility, the Sherman Agency is ready to help. We work with businesses on innovative and creative solutions for complex real estate issues. We are your go-to premier Denver real estate expert and will help you find the best location for your business. Review our commercial availabilities to see our latest availabilities and give us a call at 303-572-8778 to get started.