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Employers and Converting Commercial Real Estate Denver for Unique Workspaces

April 27, 2016

Today’s work landscape is completely different than it was 10 years ago. Technology has completely changed the way that we work, and more and more people are working for themselves. The office today is evolving to be more accommodating for employees. Those looking to make this change can work with a local Denver real estate expert to find a space that can accommodate these ever-changing needs that we see today in the workplace.
  1. Workplace Gyms: There is a rise in popularity with workplace gyms. Not only does this create healthier employees because they have an easily accessible outlet to exercise, but it can also boost productivity and the quality of their work. Employees can take a break, use it as a release, or even think and brainstorm. Plus, if you have healthier employees, your health insurance rates will be better. Some workplaces just have small facilities while others even have trainers or classes held.
  2. Exercise and Working: Gyms are one way to get employees moving, but you can also buy certain equipment that can be used in the workday to keep moving. One of the top items you can add is a treadmill desk. Whether people have their own, or you have a few out that people can reserve for a 30 minutes or an hour, it can be one of the best ways to increase productivity while moving. It is very low impact and isn’t dangerous. Other work exercise equipment includes under-the-desk pedals or ellipticals, stair steppers or exercise balls in place of chairs.
  3. Freelance Workspaces: With more and more people freelancing and working for themselves, people are investing in commercial spaces that allow people to have a workspace to go to for a certain fee. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who run their own business or freelance to still have the opportunity to connect with others. You can arrange it so people can utilize conference rooms, recording spaces for music or videos, desks, couches and more that people can share or even schedule out just as you would with a normal office. These often include spaces that encourage networking opportunities from open break rooms, rooftop decks, bars and more.
  4. Recreation: Many employers have found success in creating a fun work environment for their employees that allow them to break, think and collaborate. This can include large open spaces to meet and brainstorm, or game rooms that include pool or ping-pong tables, video gaming consoles, and more. In an Entrepreneur article, they explain even just video games are a great way to circulate your flow and improve concentration. It exercises the mind and helps you get back into the workplace easier without getting inundated or overwhelmed in tasks.
If you are interested in a new workspace for your employees, or would like to use Denver commercial real estate to create a working environment for the freelance community, The Sherman Agency can help. Our premier family owned go-to real estate company has been helping businesses find innovative solutions and profitable transactions to help your business succeed. We can find the perfect space to make that ideal work environment. Review our latest commercial availabilities and give us a call at 303-572-8778 to get started.