Innovative and creative solutions for complex real estate problems.

About the Sherman Agency

The Sherman Agency, Inc. has been an active family owned real estate company in the Denver Real Estate Market since 1964. We specialize in innovative and creative solutions to complex real estate problems and have been a member of a number of organizations which provide extensive market knowledge both locally and nationally. Our innovative solutions and profitable transactions have benefited investors and tenants for many years. 

We bring an in-depth understanding of sales, leasing, exchanges, financing, consulting, and property management, unique in the Denver area, and have created numerous successful transactions throughout Metro Denver. 

Over the years we have been involved in numerous real estate transactions, as well as the ownership and management of apartments, single-family residences, single and multi-tenant, commercial, retail, office and industrial properties. 

Currently The Sherman Agency, Inc. successfully manages over 430,000 square feet of property comprised of 26 properties and nearly 238 tenants/residents.

Vision Statement

The Sherman Agency, Inc. is proud of being unique and principled as a small real estate brokerage and management company. We are passionately committed and dedicated to providing professional real estate and property management services in the community through our reliability, fiscal responsibility, creative problem solving, creation of new opportunities, teamwork and leadership. 

  • We work together to help each other grow, take time to reflect individually and collectively, and understand the power of asking for support. 
  • Our simple approach to business includes patience and respect, taking care of ourselves as human beings, and openness to learning and new possibilities. 
  • Our projects contribute to the areas where they are located and we strive to be good neighbors.