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Brokerage Services

The Sherman Agency, Inc. is a full-service commercial real estate company that strives to meet the needs of tenants, property owners, buyers and sellers of retail, office, industrial, apartment and investment properties. We have over 45 years of experience which translates into valuable assistance in making sure you are well represented and given all the necessary information to assist in making the best decisions. 

The Sherman Agency, Inc. offers assistance in the following areas:


As owners/investors of many of our own properties we understand the need for an effective marketing and leasing plan. Our effective combination of fairness, hard work and motivation has allowed us to establish many long-term relationships between Landlords and Tenants. We can help you find long-term quality tenants by: 

  • Marketing: We start by identifying the most likely users for a particular property then diligently work at making them aware of the benefits of the property. We use a wide variety of marketing tools to market the property and are not beyond making cold calls, sending out direct mailers, using traditional and modern methods of advertising, i.e., the internet, as well as networking with local and national real estate marketing groups. 
  • Negotiating: When negotiating on your behalf we make sure to keep the owners and landlords’ best interest in mind at all times. In the same respect, we are fair, courteous and honest with all potential tenants as we understand that their impression of us (as brokers) reflects on the property as a whole. 
  • Qualifying: When qualifying a potential tenant we are fair yet firm. We run and review credit, rental and criminal history and contact references. Our goal is to find the highest quality tenants for your property in an effort to enhance your image and bottom line.


The Sherman Agency, Inc. prides itself on working on both sides of the commercial transaction. We are just as comfortable representing the user/investor who seeks to utilize real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve their financial goals as we are representing the current user/investor who for a variety of reasons may need to sell, trade or divest their current property.


The Sherman Agency, Inc. has been successfully representing clients for many years. By utilizing our expertise, you will be able to make sound business decisions that fit your specific needs. We will: 

  • Handle the intense footwork of finding the right property, freeing you up to run your business as you should be doing. 
  • Assist you in saving time by eliminating unlikely real estate alternatives in the beginning. 
  • Use our instant access to real estate databases to help locate the perfect property for you. 
  • Utilize our years of in-depth experience and current market research to negotiate a competitive lease or contract on your behalf. 
  • Exclusively represent your interests when negotiating with owners and landlords alike. 
  • Navigate through the complicated leasing process and shorten the length of time typically required to complete a transaction. 
  • Help to obtain more concessions, lease flexibility and minimize expense by utilizing knowledge of the properties current market conditions. 

It is important to work with an experienced broker to level the playing field and ensure that you find the right space, get the best deal possible and minimize mistakes. In most cases your broker’s entire broker fee will be paid by the landlord/seller when the transaction is consummated. In the long run you will benefit with substantial reductions in occupancy costs and less administrative headaches.


Not all real estate owners & tenants are experts in the inner workings of the real estate market. For those of you who seek advice and guidance in addition to representation we are eager to work with you. We will help you evaluate your current situation and then collaboratively work with you to strategically develop a plan of action concerning your real estate needs.